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Erg and oasis - seven days

505 € ATI per person

­Day 1 : Welcome at the Djanet airport. Departure dby 4x4 to Tiouaîtateren.

Day 2 : Oued Essendilene, its guelta in a green ocean at the bottom of a canyon.

Day 3 : Dider, its engravings, its guelta. Bivouac in Idaren.

Day 4 : Going down the Oued Idaren to the palm garden of Iherir oasis.

Day 5 : The rocks of Tasset. Way back to Erg Admer and Ifafa Tey Hot.

Day 6 : Threw the downs of Erg Admer to the Djanet gardens.

Day 7 : Djanet, oases, palm garden, life in the village. ­

Day 8 : Fly back.

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