Let's do your own staying!
I'll make your individual trek, function in your interests and wiches. One pedestrian trek, on a camel, with your own 4x4, or ours. I'll adapt the rythme of pedestrian walks with your level and your aspect. The comfort of the bivouac, will also be adapted to your needs. You may have hot bath in Djanet the last afternoon of the round-about way For all of them, we'll be able to spend an evening around a mechoui in Djanet under a kheima, in a garden of the palm garden.
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There are a few round-about way, I have personally chosen for you. In general, I foresee, three or four hours walk, in the morning, setting in the bivouac around 12 o'clock, and a rest unless we go on for three or four hours walk.

Carefull : the fly is not included in the price. For more informations, visit the pages of Pratical Informations
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